Elevate Your Brand

Ascent Marketing Services is an agency of professional creatives focused on coastal brand development. We strive to help “Elevate Your Brand” by strengthening your relationship with consumers and communities in local markets. Using grass roots marketing we expose your brand to a mass audience through social media, brand strategy, print and digital campaigns all while developing credibility within the coastal lifestyle.

If you can make people feel happy, proud, nostalgic, or comforted, they will be far more likely to notice your message.
>Al Lautenslager

Meet The Team

Free divers, developers, graphic designers, photographers, Florida natives, videographers and samurai. Yes, we really have a samurai on staff … These are not your friends, friend, who used Photoshop once. Ascents creative team is professionally equipped and ready to “Elevate Your Brand” to the level you’ve always imagined it could be.

To get people to pay attention to your marketing messages, you need to find their emotions
> Al Lautenslager

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