Kristofer Landers

Shooter of Pics

Give Kris Landers a camera, clear water, beautiful beaches and unbelievable fish and sit back and enjoy. Kris is an underwater addict, and his photos take us on his adventures across the world. He is a Fii (Freediving Instructors International) Level One Freedive Instructor and certified Junior Freedive Instructor. Kris’ knowledge of diving and photography make him a great addition to the Ascent team. His photographs allow everyone to enjoy places only a few have gone. Kris allows us to deploy a safe, certified, professional, underwater photographer for any shoot that involves getting a camera wet.

Technical Skills

  • Photography
  • Underwater photography

Programming Languages

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

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Meet The Team

Free divers, developers, graphic designers, photographers, Florida natives, videographers and samurai. Yes, we really have a samurai on staff … These are not your friends, friend, who used Photoshop once. Ascents creative team is professionally equipped and ready to “Elevate Your Brand” to the level you’ve always imagined it could be.

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